volunteer at camp

Whether you have a day, weekend, week or an entire summer, our camps offer a range of volunteer opportunities that match your skill-sets. We screen everyone who works at camp with a background check, in-person interview and references when necessary. Volunteers can stay at camp in our cabins, eat alongside our staff and earn service hours if needed.


kitchen assistant - meal preparation

Our kitchen is extremely busy during the weekend and in the summer months. We need additional help (outside of our hired staff) preparing meals, setting tables, and serving groups. If you can commit to full weekends or a full week of summer camp, we would greatly appreciate your time.

Our busiest months for weekends are January, February, June, September, October. Our busiest summer months are July and August.

Contact Melissa Hinton if you are available to serve. foodservice@campkoinonia.org


Facility projects

We will always have a project in the works at camp. We paint, rehab, organize, mow, mulch and cut down trees in order to provide a safe, clean environment for campers. If you are in a trade or just a helping hand, we would love to for you to work alongside our team.

Our busiest months for facilities are April-September.

Contact Paul Abramowski if you are available to serve. facilities@campkoinonia.org


office assistants

We market and promote our camp to local business, churches, non-profits and individual donors all over Washington. There are envelopes that need to be stuffed and data that needs to be entered. We also have thank you phone calls to make and follow-up surveys to consider weekly.

Our busiest times are Monday-Thursday.

Contact Kevin Eichhorn, if you are available to serve, director@campkoinonia.org