Take-a-Seat at Camp Koinonia

Good times at camp revolve around swimming, goofy games, hiking, kayaking and jumping off a dock into a cold pond. However, some of the best memories happen around the table, firepit or worship space. Encounters with people and God are what we remember most about camp.

If we went to camp without people and without God, we would not be changed. It is because of our time with God and our time with each other that our lives are changed by this special place. It is the time spent in the scriptures. It is the time we gather around a meal. It is the time we open up around a campfire. These are special places around camp.

This spring, we want to create 40 new places to meet, eat, worship and gather. The effort has already begun. With your financial support, we will build 20-30 new picnic tables to be placed by the lodge, in front of cabins, and in our Tent/RV area. We will also create 3-5 new firepit rings with new chairs and benches. In addition, we will add seating in front of every cabin, retreat center or meeting room for individuals to rest & spend time in prayer.

Together we will create places for people to enjoy God’s wonderful creation.

Here’s how you can help.

Select an option below and let us know how we can dedicate it. Every table and chair you donate (if desired) will come with a customized dedication that will be attached for the duration of the chair, bench or table’s existence.

$50.00 New Chair or Bench

$100.00 6 Foot Picnic Table

$150.00 8 Foot Picnic Table

$500.00 10 Chairs or 5 Picnic Tables

$1,000.00 10 Chairs, 2 Benches, Propane & Wood Burning Firepit

$5,000.00 A Whole Lot of Everything Above

These projects will be completed in the Spring of 2019 and thousands of people will enjoy them over the summer! Your gift and prayers are greatly appreciated. Donate by sending a check with the provided envelope & reply card or by credit card online at campkoinonia.org/donate. Come join us next summer and find your seat!