Service Projects at Camp

Big Service Project Ideas

Team Building Course

We are looking to build a 5-10 element low-ropes team building course in our old RV Loop. It would involve clearing the areas, creating paths, building the elements, and securing the safety for participants.


Our camp is seeking to build a small playground near our pool area featuring a slide, climbing element and small tree house. We don’t have any design ideas and would rely on your ideas.

Fire Pit Rings & Picnic Table Seating

We are in desperate need of new fire pit circles and dozens of picnic tables. The project involves designing, building and creating attractive, usable outdoor spaces. Our pits need to have a wood burning and propane option.

Sled & Tubbing Hill Path

Our current sledding hill is small and in the path of one of our driveways. We are hoping to carve out a new sledding option down the main hill at camp. It would include clearing trees and creating large mounds to turn.

Tool & Maintenance Shop

We are in need of a large building to be painted, cleared out, new stairs built, and upstairs completely rehabbed. This project is very challenging and will require a lot of work.

Camp Sign

We are looking to add to our entrance. We want to build a huge archway sign at the entrance of our camp at the top of the hill and build a similar smaller sign at the entrance of our camp.

Smaller Service Project Ideas

Outdoor Projects

Clear Hiking Paths

Repair Yurt Decking

Paint Shop

Mulch Trails

Rake Leaves


Pond Dock Repairs

Outdoor Chapel Upgrades

Paint K-House

Landscaping Around Cabins

Archery Range Clean Up

New Targets Built

Pulley System Upgrade for Archery Net and Safety

Life vest Storage System

Build Benches for Outside of Cabins

Photograph Buildings and Nature at Camp for Marketing Materials

Limb Trees

Add Rock to Drives and Paths

Chop Fire Wood and Stack by Fire Circles

Indoor Projects

Sand Floor and Prep for Painting

Build Bunk Beds

New Picnic Tables

Build 9 Square in the Air

Clean Cabins

Build Craft Cabinet

Build Game Tables

Clean Kitchen

Paint Kitchen

Install New Shelving

Stuffing Envelopes & Labeling Donor Thank You Letters

Paint Bathrooms