Why Koinonia bought an AED and is training staff for emergency?


Last week I watched a video where a hockey player collapsed on the ice and needed CPR and an AED. There are several important takeaways from this video and these are the reasons we are taking further steps in our camp to protect every person who walks on our property.

See video here // https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jw_8CBYxukU

  1. It can happen to anyone. The man in the video was 54 years old.

  2. Someone needs to be present who knows CPR/First Aid. Not everyone on the ice knew how to perform CPR/First Aid, but one did.

  3. An AED saved a life. Without an AED, the man probably would have died.

We welcome thousands of campers at Koinonia from all over the state of Washington and beyond. It is our responsibility to feed them, care for them and protect them.

Beginning today with the purchase of a brand new AED machine, we will be prepared in the case of emergency. Not only will we have an AED, but we will encourage EVERY staff member and volunteer to be trained in CPR/First Aid as well as Child Abuse and Neglect. Currently we have 3 Full-Time Staff Certified and we are working to add 2 more this month.


We hope that we never use the machine and we never perform life-saving measures, but if the time comes, we will be ready. The AED machine will be mounted in the Lodge next to the kitchen by February 22, 2019.

Please consider donating funds to help us offset these annual costs and keep our camp safe. https://campkoinonia.org/donate (avoid any processing fees and send donations directly to camp 850 Camp Koinonia Ln., Cle Elum, Washington 98922)